RGB Networks (B2B)

RGB Networks


RGB Networks enables advanced video services such as HDTV and video-on-demand (VOD) to be delivered to TVs, PCs and mobile devices. Its new Dynamic Bandwidth Manager (DBM) faced stiff “thought leadership” competition from an overly-hyped rival and its method for delivering VOD. We executed a comprehensive launch campaign with extensive post-launch activities to establish the DBM as the leading solution in its product category. The RGB DBM campaign illustrates MoPR’s expertise at communicating category leadership within a niche space which is both highly technical and competitive.

Campaign Strategy

Used a comprehensive PR program to deposition RGB’s rival – which was the defacto leader in its product category. Focused on aggressively and unrelentingly noting the real-world deficiencies of the competitor’s approach to VOD, while highlighting the superiority of the DBM. The campaign equally emphasized the importance of a major launch to “overwhelm” the competitor and sustaining activities to keep the pressure up.


  • Developed, refined and extensively tested product and competitive messaging
  • Created “packaged” set of comprehensive press materials
  • Pre-briefing key trade pubs just prior to major tradeshow
  • Briefings to secure media coverage in at-the-show publications at the tradeshow
  • Steady series of post-launch announcements to maintain volume (trials, partnerships, product integrations, tradeshow demos)
  • Contributed articles placed in trade media demonstrating RGB’s expert understanding of delivering VOD
  • Secured RGB participation in every relevant VOD-related story in key trade media


  • Secured extensive media coverage in key trade pubs just prior to show
  • Secured extensive media coverage in at-the-show publications
  • RGB’s DBM outstrips its competitor in terms of media mentions
  • The DBM’s approach to reducing the bandwidth requirements of VOD is almost universally recognized within the industry as being far more operationally realistic versus its competitor, which has helped the DBM get into trials with large U.S. cable operators
  • RGB’s competitor has almost entirely repositioned its product for non-VOD applications, effectively vacating the market based on the pressure and messaging from the RGB campaign


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