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It’s Time for This Week’s Social Media/PR Run Down with: Timely Campaigns

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

This holiday season do it right… and by “it” we mean your PR efforts. One effective way to take your campaign an extra mile is to tie it to something larger than just your company’s announcement. Trust me, we all understand that your company’s announcements are the most important and interesting things anyone could ever hear about, but there are some other events that also happen to grab people’s attention this time of year. With the start of the winter season, the holiday shopping and the actual holidays themselves, some companies are focusing campaigns around these, errr, larger events. Let’s take a look at how certain brands have used social media to further newsworthy efforts.


Walgreens launched a mobile couponing aspect for its mobile app that was made available on  Black Friday this year. Holding the availability of the coupons until Black Friday peaked interest among consumers. Promoting the new savings via Facebook and Twitter, Walgreens made sure to spread the shopping cheer. Kudos to the company for not weaseling the news onto its photography centric company blog; however, Walgreens could have taken the twitter post further with a little help from a well-placed hashtag, like the popular #BlackFriday.

Columbia Sportswear.

Ringing in the ski season right, Columbia Sportswear launched a campaign to increase customer engagement with a good old-fashioned competition. The contest was held via Twitter and outdoor enthusiasts tweeted at Columbia Sportswear (@Columbia1938) while wearing gloves in hopes of winning a pair of gloves. The company posted the competition across multiple platforms (Facebook, Twitter and its blog) encouraging the creative race.

Throughout the day, Columbia challenged the resourcefullness of the competitors with its own orginal tweets. Check out this one:

Enjoy some of the tweets elicited by this humorous campagian:

From these companies we can see that the short-term goals of increasing customer engagement and creating an overall positive customer experience will help the long-term goal of brand loyalty and increased sales. Waiting to add to the conversation when people’s interests are likely to be heightened about a topic helps to get more people talking about your brand.

What’s an awesome timely campaign that you’ve seen?

Thanks for stopping by for a little more social media and PR strategy.

Social Media Wednesday: Home Depot & Social Media

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Last week we touched on how Home Depot and other companies use social media well. While Home Depot was not used in the Social Media Examiner’s post, the company does a good job of leveraging social media.


Home Depot already has a large following on Twitter, 44,166 as of now. Home Depot kicks some serious butt on Twitter for a few reasons:

  • Multiple accounts. The company recognizes that you cannot always accomplish everything from one Twitter account; so Home Depot has separate Twitter accounts for different needs. Separate accounts mean consistent and tailored messaging. Followers will not see as many updates they don’t care about.
    • This is a good tactic with larger companies that have the need and the bandwidth. There is a Twitter account for the regular store account, Home Depot deals, the Home Depot Foundation, and more.
  • Transparent.  On each Twitter account Home Depot tells you who is in charge of Tweeting. On their main account Ryan, Sarah and Jon are the ones responsible for tweets. When individuals know that maybe Ryan from Home Depot is tweeting to them it adds another layer of personalization to that. (Sometimes they add a signature to the end of the tweet.)
  • Responsive. Once I tweeted a photo and a comment when I was at Home Depot. I did not have a question or a complaint. I received a response from the Home Depot Twitter account while I was still at Home Depot. You don’t just respond to the confused or bad, you respond to the good too.
  • Relevant. They post tips, facts, and other relevant information. This keeps their content useful and not spam-like.


The Home Depot Facebook fan page has 419,887 likes to date. There are a few steps Home Depot has taken to have a good Facebook page:

  • Multiple pages. Once again Home Depot has multiple pages to sort relevant content. However, there are fewer pages than Twitter accounts due to the differences between the social media platforms. It is crucial to recognize that different platforms have different utility.
  • Definition. The Facebook page has a detailed description of what the page is for and what you can expect. Home Depot also lists what will not be tolerated on its page. This is similar to a comment policy for blogs, but for Facebook – and something that other companies do not always do. This adds another layer of transparency.
  • Interaction. By nature Facebook at least is “more” interactive than Twitter, but in different ways, there are polls (directly on the platform) and more.  Home Depot takes advantage of this strong interaction.


The Home Depot YouTube channel is awesome. Home Depot is a store that you go to when you want to do something yourself. Although filming “how to” videos is time consuming, it was very beneficial for Home Depot. Users are being shown how to execute items they normally would have paid someone for, and in turn buy their supplies at Home Depot. On YouTube you can find video tutorials on DIY Repair, Paint, Tools, Hardware, Lawn care, Garden care and more.


When I say “website” I don’t mean that Home Depot can incorporate a Facebook/Twitter/Everything button on every page. I mean that even Home Depot’s website is a social medium. On the Home Depot website there is a How-To Community page that offers guides for purchasing items, guides for projects, hosts topic-specific forums and more. This page is the ultimate interactive advice/how-to/DIY guide and fact page.  Don’t take my word for it; check it out for yourself.


What social media plan would be complete without a blog (when necessary)? Home Depot blogs too, providing in-depth tips for readers. Learn things you didn’t know about planning a garden, buying tools, prepping a college room or more. You can search by categories if you aren’t completely certain what you are looking for.


Ultimately any social media plan depends on what works for you and what spaces your target audiences are active in. Home Depot is a great example of how to do social media well. You can reference different platforms you would like to use that Home Depot uses (or other companies that do a great job) to see employed effective tactics. What are some companies that you think do a good or not so good job with social media and why?


Happy Social Media Day!

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Not only are there social media positions in the career world, but there is a day dedicated to social media!  The second annual social media day is upon us, so how are you celebrating? Be on the lookout for Flash Mobs, great Foursquare deals, Mashable Meetups, and other awesome events!

With events like these it’s hard to ignore social media:

  • United Breaks Guitars (We all remember this “oldie but goodie.”)
  • In a century where the president has a Twitter account
  • Obama leveraged social media to gain trust with the citizens of the U.S., and this ultimately was a factor in his election.
  • In the week that Google introduced Google + it is now social media week
  • When Justin Timberlake becomes an entrepreneur on the social media scene
  • Being a Facebook user means being 43 percent more likely to trust people.

People everywhere have discovered the transition of power from the company to consumer with social media. Social media can be one of the more powerful tools in a person’s/company’s arsenal when leveraged properly. Social media can also be a fun way of learning new things and interacting, albeit virtually, with others.

Social media isn’t going away. People like using it, and if you are a company and your customers are on social media platforms talking – you are missing out. Social media is so popular even Major League Baseball wants a swing at the action. But seriously, baseball is celebrating Social Media Day 2011!

What are some cool new social media sites or services you’ve found?  Hop on your Smartphone, Tweetdeck, or whatever media you use to keep updated in the world of social media.