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Happy Social Media Day!

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Not only are there social media positions in the career world, but there is a day dedicated to social media!  The second annual social media day is upon us, so how are you celebrating? Be on the lookout for Flash Mobs, great Foursquare deals, Mashable Meetups, and other awesome events!

With events like these it’s hard to ignore social media:

  • United Breaks Guitars (We all remember this “oldie but goodie.”)
  • In a century where the president has a Twitter account
  • Obama leveraged social media to gain trust with the citizens of the U.S., and this ultimately was a factor in his election.
  • In the week that Google introduced Google + it is now social media week
  • When Justin Timberlake becomes an entrepreneur on the social media scene
  • Being a Facebook user means being 43 percent more likely to trust people.

People everywhere have discovered the transition of power from the company to consumer with social media. Social media can be one of the more powerful tools in a person’s/company’s arsenal when leveraged properly. Social media can also be a fun way of learning new things and interacting, albeit virtually, with others.

Social media isn’t going away. People like using it, and if you are a company and your customers are on social media platforms talking – you are missing out. Social media is so popular even Major League Baseball wants a swing at the action. But seriously, baseball is celebrating Social Media Day 2011!

What are some cool new social media sites or services you’ve found?  Hop on your Smartphone, Tweetdeck, or whatever media you use to keep updated in the world of social media.