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What’s Happenin’? (Mobile World Congress 2012 Edition)

Friday, February 24th, 2012

For those of you freaking out about last minute flights and hotels to attend the 2012 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, well, you should be. There’s a good chance you will be shacking up in the local hostel with young world travelers just trying to “find themselves.” For those of you who have been a little more on your game let the caffeine induced anxiety and energy spurts begin. 

Given the rate of innovation and development in the world of mobile communications, it’s easy to see why this year’s conference theme is redefining mobile. With an industry shift from bandwidth spectrums to user experience, engagement and interaction, it’s clear to see that the idea of moving forward has been a shared idea.

Here’s what’s buzzing:


What’s Up Apple?

                While new tablets from Samsung, HTC and Huawei are popping up here and there, room must be made for the highly anticipated iPad 3. Apple, who will not be in attendance at this year’s activities, is expected to announce the official release date of their newest tablet at this year’s Mobile World Congress 2012. With boosted internals, a Retina Display and improved cameras, it’s clear why the Apple invention ranks higher than the rest.

                2012 was expected to be the year that took the iPad down a peg and upped the game for its rivals. The sweetly titled Android Honeycomb and the Ice Cream Sandwich gave sour performances and the BlackBerry Playbook is just now getting the features it needed to even compete in the tablet league. With these industry disappointments, it’s not hard to see why the announcement of the iPad 3 will be a highly anticipated event at this year’s Mobile World Congress.


HTC to the rescue

                With a poor performance record, HTC is expected to turn the tables at this year’s MWC 2012. The HTC Endevor and Edge, both powered by quad core processors by NVIDIA and part of the newly revamped ONE Collection, are expected to be the game changers for the Taiwanese big shot. The company is looking to quickly expand into all levels of the smart phone market and these so called “hero” devices are expected to be the ticket in.

Not only is HTC expected to announce their newest devices at this year’s MWC 2012, but also the upgraded features that accompany each. The HTC Family feature will allow families to easily communicate and use geo-location tools to stay connected. Although all of this is clear speculation, it sounds like HTC is in it to win it this year.


Todo Los Tablets

            Didn’t you hear? Tablets are all the rage at this year’s MWC 2012. With a certain American company expected to switch up its thoughts on 7-inch tablets these next few months, the market is buzzing with ways to follow the fad. Stepping away from pioneers like the Nook and Kindle, the AsusMeMO 370T is beginning to conform its components into a more reader friendly space. With Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7.7 already out, we can expect to see a shift towards even more budget friendly and reader friendly devices from the likes of: Acer, Motorola, Lenovo and possibly Sony. However, don’t expect to see much in tablet form from HTC; they are putting all their concentration towards their mobile devices. 


Surviving MWC 2012:

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Weekend Reading: December 3rd Edition

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Lots of buzz this week in the social coupon space with huge news from Groupon and Living Social. Also, Kim Kardashian in a coffin and life on just a mobile.

Savvy Shoppers, Local Deals

Fans of saving money through local deal sites such as Groupon and Living Social were interested to hear this week that Google is buying Groupon and that Amazon has invested heavily (to the tune of $175m) in Living Social.

For more on the rumored and pending Google acquisition of Groupon, check out this post on Mashable. Looks like this may be a great opp for Google to blend Groupon with their Google Places business directory, re-branded earlier this year with added features that lend a hand to local businesses looking to promote their goods and services on the web.


Living Social plans to expand globally after the latest round of funding (greatly aided by Amazon), which brought their total finding to date to $232m. With all the buzz surrounding Groupon, Mashable has a great write up on what this will potentially mean for Living Social and other competitors.

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Oh No! Kim Kardashian is dead!

In an effort to raise money and awareness, singer Alicia Keys, along with a group of celebs have united to sacrifice their digital life until 1 million dollars is raised to aid those affected by HIV/AIDS.

That’s right, no tweets from Kim, Alicia, Justin, Lady Gaga and more… until $1m is raised.


Each ‘BuyLife’ text to 90999 gives $10 to buy the celebs lives back.

Even if you could care less about what these celebs had for dinner, or the latest pair of shoes they bought, this does seem like a great way to raise awareness and moolah. Or is it? An article on this morning suggests, that while for a worthy cause, this was really nothing but a sad way to get even more publicity for these celebs. (Read the article here:

“Keep a Child Alive (KCA) is dedicated to providing life-saving AIDS treatment, care and support services to children and families affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India by directly engaging the global public in the fight against AIDS. KCA currently funds 10 orphan care and clinical sites in India, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and South Africa.”

For more information on KCA, visit
Also visit the DigitalDeath site to see the celebs participating:

Could you survive without your desktop?

A post today by Zack Whittaker over at ZDnet summed up the live blog test, which set to find out if a student could go 48 hours with nothing but their smartphone.

Perhaps a shock to many (but not to us!), the answer was yes.

Is this further proof that mobile may soon fully replace desktops? No. Despite becoming increasingly agile, with even more features daily, as Zack comments “There’s a reason why they call it a smart-’phone’ and not a ‘handheld desktop computer replacement’.”

We challenge you to “ditch the desktop” this weekend and see if you can handle it.