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The Nitty Gritty of that Facebook Analytics Page

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Once you have your page set up and are engaging with fans on Facebook it is important to be sure you are gaining all the data possible in order to further tailor your marketing efforts. After all, you didn’t create the page to just to sit there, did you?

In order to more fully maximize your return on your Facebook investment you need to be able to track and measure your work. This tracking and measuring will allow you to hone in your messaging and interact more genuinely with your fans.

A great first place to start is the “Insights” page on Facebook itself. When you click on this link you are taken to a page that gives you graphical representation of your Facebook page activity, much like a Google Analytics page.

GoogleAnalytics Page Example
Some information provided in this section includes Monthly Active Users, Daily New Likes, Total Likes as well as some basic demographic information such as the gender, age, location, and language of your visitors. In addition it tracks page activity; page views, both total and unique, as well as how many video plays, audio plays and photo views occurred of your content and how often visitors interact with your page, whether through posting to your wall or mentioning, etc.


What makes this information so valuable is that you can start speaking in the right tone on your page, making your messages more meaningful to readers. Here is a made-up, yet simple example:

Let’s say I am Duff Beer Company and I have a Facebook page. I can check the Insights on that fan page and might see that most of my fans are in fact women. With this information in mind, I can tone down the cheerleader advertisements promoting my beer and focus more on the hot male athlete promoting my beer.

Facebook continues to improve its analytics dashboard which is good news for businesses looking to make more use of their page and reach more of the Facebook community. It will be exciting to see how Facebook evolves in the near future to more fully integrate with Google Analytics, a tool that many businesses already use in order to understand the make-up of their Website visitors.

There are currently tools available (such as FBGAT, as suggested by the website) that let you workaround the current issue of Facebook’s limited JavaScript, which is needed to run Google Analytics on Facebook pages. We will of course keep you tuned in to developments as they happen and look forward to bringing you more social media insights.

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