Welcome to Friday – Congratulations you made it through another week.

Wrapping up the week and heading into the weekend we are looking at the top 5 pieces of good news and top 5 pieces of bad news items this week in the mobile sector. Check out the articles linked to below to see what you missed. Any great or not so great announcements we missed – Let us know!

Good news

  •  The Android phone popularity has surged! In the past two months Android handset activations per day have grown from 400,000 to 550,000.
  • Here is an interesting prediction about Web apps versus native apps.
  • The Kindle was the only eReader to be mentioned. How will Amazon fair in tablets?
  • If you are ordering new business cards soon, consider a QR code.
  • This email function, will add even more utility to Gmail. And it’s awesome.

Bad news

  • What was that again? Studies are linking Internet usage (or reliance) on decreased memory function.
  • With Netflix prices on the rise will users abandon their services?
  • Looks like the U.S. needs to up its security in the digital age.
  • Android users watch out for this malware.
  • Opps, Microsoft accidentally leaked a secret