October 1st Weekend Reading: It’s All About the Kids

As the yellow buses roll out and backpacks are conspicuously missing from every major retail store, it’s unmistakable that school is back in session. And since the world of mobility is also affected by the giant leap back into the school year, we’ve dedicated this weekend reading to one of our favorite demographics: the kids.

T-Mobile Says “Kids Are Free!”

In what can only be deemed a dramatic pushing of the envelope, T-Mobile recently announced that it’s offering customers who get family plans three extra lines for free until 2012. The idea behind the move is to appeal to parents of the exploding youth demographic – as 75% of children between 12 and 17 now carry a cell phone.

T-Mobile explains:

“With Kids Are Free, new and existing T-Mobile customers who sign up for a qualifying family plan through Nov. 2, 2010, receive free add-a-line service on up to three lines of their plan until 2012.”


Parents in the market for adding lines to a family plan with T-Mobile would do well to read up on this offer. If your kid has a phone (which is highly likely) and you want to stay in touch as they go off to school and participate in various after-school activities (which is even more likely) check out the new deal.

Mobility PR Tip: Always read the fine print. Text messaging fees still apply!


Track Kids’ Lost or Stolen Laptops and Smartphones

Back to school time also means new laptops and the smartest of smartphones on hand for the new year. But unfortunately, laptops and smartphones at schools are ripe for theft. Phones in lockers and laptops on campus all too frequently disappear into thin air. But good news for kids- there’s an app for that!


GadgetTrak– an offering from Mobility PR client ActiveTrak- is an app that tracks lost or stolen devices using a computer or smartphone’s onboard technologies (e.g. GPS, Wi-Fi). Better yet- if the device has a built in webcam, it actually takes a picture every 30 minutes the device is on and posts the picture to a photostream for the device’s owner.

GadgetTrak lets students and teachers protect their computers or smartphones for $34.95 a year (total cost for 12 months of service). Check ‘em out here: http://www.gadgettrak.com/.

Find more ideas for your kids’ laptops here: http://www.star-telegram.com/2010/08/17/2409339/affordable-laptops-meet-modern.html.


Time to Wake Up

Let’s face it- most kids don’t love waking up early. In fact, the transition from lazy summer afternoons to busy school days comes rather abruptly for most students- making the need for a reliable alarm clock paramount to a successful school year.


Alarm applications for you smartphone vary from the basic to the downright futuristic. For the Android, there’s Alarmed. An application that only allows you to turn off the alarm if you answer a series of math problems and word jumbles.

Then there’s the “Smooth Alarm Pro” or “Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock” for the iPhone, which both claim to be able to wake up users at the optimal time during the sleep cycle by placing the phone under the mattress and using the phone’s motion-sensing technology to determine when the user is rolling over and moving.

But if you really want to get your kids moving in the morning, try this one out.

alarm clock

A truly mobile alarm clock, your kids will have to chase this one down if they want to ever stop the beeping. Rise and shine!