Weekend Reading: September 24th – Facebook Edition

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This weekend reading is brought to you by Facebook- no, not sponsored but it’s certainly on the brain. We talk about it a lot already and are always keen on studying the latest news from the social networking giant, but with the new movie- “The Social Network”- coming out next week, the buzz is bigger than ever around the MoPR office. So what better time to delve into the latest Facebook news than your weekend reading update!

Will the movie be a hit?

According to movie critic Scott Foundas, yes.

“The Social Network is splendid entertainment from a master storyteller, packed with energetic incident and surprising performances (not least from Justin Timberlake as Napster founder Sean Parker, who’s like Zuckerberg’s flamboyant, West Coast id). It is a movie of people typing in front of computer screens and talking in rooms that is as suspenseful as any more obvious thriller. But this is also social commentary so perceptive that it may be regarded by future generations the way we now look to Gatsby for its acute distillation of Jazz Age decadence.”

But Foundas isn’t the only one praising the film. According to seven critics on the popular movie review site Rotten Tomatoes the film has earned a 10 out of 10 average rating with 100% positive responses from critics.

Reviewer Fred Topel even went as far as to say “The Social Network is the movie of the year. If Coppola were into computers, this would be The Godfather.”

Alright, time to use my Fandango app for the iPhone and get my ticket reserved.


Canada Approves Facebook Changes

Meanwhile, Facebook continues to invade the news off the silver screen, as well. This time it’s in Canada where the country’s privacy commissioner has recently OK’d the social network’s latest privacy changes.

Particularly with regards to the sharing of personal information with third-party developers, Canadian commissioner Jennifer Stoddart now believes that Facebook provides users “with clear information” about privacy policies- which are directly related to the changes made to the site back in May.

“We’re also pleased that Facebook has developed simplified privacy settings and has implemented a tool that allows users to apply a privacy setting to each photo or comment they post,” said Stoddart.

Staunchly disagreeing with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s recent statement that life on the web should be social “by default”, Stoddart continues to advocate for more security and restricted access to personal information.

Of course there’s a long way to go- and perhaps there always will be with privacy issues and Facebook. But for now, Canada says “Keep up the good work!”


The Facebook Phone: Brilliant or Bogus?

You love your phone. You love Facebook, too. But would you jump at the chance to be an early adopter of the Facebook-branded phone?

Though Facebook has been denying reports that it’s even building said phone, CNET has confirmed that the social network has reached out to hardware manufacturers and carriers seeking input on a potential Facebook-branded phone.

Why would Facebook branch out into a new market that it may not be successful in?

Quoting a stat we understand very well here at MoPR, CNET states:

“The mobile market is important for any company doing business on the Internet because that is where the eyeballs are. There are close to 5 billion cell phone subscribers worldwide, according to the International Telecommunications Union. About a billion of them will be using a device on a wireless broadband connection by the end of 2010. And that number is quickly growing.”

But others are skeptical.

Blogger Richard Martin doesn’t hold back:

“To understand why this is a laughable idea you need look no further than the ill-fated Google Nexus One, which I dismissed repeatedly in this space until Google finally admitted defeat and canned the project earlier this year.”

Martin furthermore directs us to a list of failed smartphones.

But we’re on the fence. Assuming the phone even makes it to market, what would differentiate it from other smartphones? Are people really that fanatical with Facebook that they would be willing to ditch their current cell phone and make the shift?

Which leads us to the most important question of all: what do YOU think readers? We’re anxious to hear your thoughts as this will surely be a hot (and debatable) topic as Facebook takes on Hollywood next week.